March 07, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

Spent some QT time with the siblings....So very glad we can be together without all the fussing and fighting.  I miss them so much and love spending time with them!!

There's no time like Family Time!!!

My father in-law had a hip replacement so we decided to have Thanksgiving at the Rehab Facility.

My Three Babies...Theresa, Jessica and Raphael !!!

I love these two..Harold and Charlene James...The Best In-Laws in the WORLD!!

My Girls having FUN!!!

A family that Drinks together Has FUN together!!!

May 13, 2012

My mother died almost 40 years ago, so Mother's Day doesn't exactly make me warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me sad, and a little cranky. To me, it's a big, showy, cards-and-flowers, home appliance sale kind of day.  It really pisses me off when I hear and see people disrespecting their moms.  I never had the opportunity to share things with my mom, I only have about 6 pictures of her and my few memories.   Even after so many years I still have a big hole i my heart.  BUT...I am truly blessed, as I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children and grandchildren and great friends and family, and the best damn mother-in law  (Charlene James) in the world.  I wrote this because there are many like me who aren't feeling the hype, and it's really just another day!!!!!

May 05, 2012


borrowed from: Pam

listening to:  Najee

eating:  Blackberries, hummus, wheat thins flat bread crackers and 

drinking: sprite

wearing:  jeans,  orange polo and flip flops

feeling:  blah........

weather:  77 and overcast 

wanting: some Rita's Italian Ice

needing: to work on a project for work

enjoying: company with Pam and Michelle

wondering: will i ever get back into scrapbooking---where is my mojo?  Even shopping for scrap booking supplies does not help!!!

so what is your day like?

March 31, 2012

So clearly, I have been MIA for some time.  What can I say.....Life.  It is never my intention to neglect me little blog, but my family responsibilities are my priority.  I am sure you understand......and I am now back with my mojo in tow. I have posted some of the creations I had time to create over the past few months.  Hopefully you will find a little inspiration in my pages.

September 04, 2011

High Five

I saw the cutest Pin on PINTEREST.  This is how I spent my holiday, pintering, tweeting, digital scrapping, texting and facebooking.  A digital lovers dream weekend!!

This gives High Five a whole new meaning!!

August 22, 2011

This Just In

Here is a little card I made and I will have all my past photo's for the 30 Day Photo Challenge posted by this weekend!