April 19, 2009



I hope all of you had a beautiful weekend! The weather here was GREAT and I enjoyed hanging out with ME, MYSELF and I. DH and I also had some QT !!! I even had the opportunity to make a couple of cards. Same card for two of my girlfriends but in different colors.
Tell me what you think

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hello I hope everyone had a peaceful and relaxing holiday! I did not have anything planned for the weekend, which was very nice. BUT....... I did play around with some new STAMPIN UP stamps. Tell me what you think?????

April 10, 2009

Scrappin with my little ANGEL

I just had to share my wonderful Friday evening with my granddaughter JaNiyah. Whenever I sit down in my scrapping area Niyah likes to do her own version of scrapping, so usually I give her some stickers and paper and she calls it her scrapbook. I can't wait for her birthday, I think I am going to buy her a tote to keep her supplies in and a cuttlebug for kids! My daughter thinks it is hilarious she calls herself scrapbooking but I LOVE IT!!

Doesn't she look adorable!

April 08, 2009

Happy Hump Day

Today is Wednesday the HUMP day! Did you make it through? I did!! I had a great day :) I am very blessed to have a job I love and I work with a great group of folks.

When I got home DH was making a very nice dinner so I was able to sit back and relax and try to crank out a few lo's or cards. I did complete a small note card that I will post a picture of later.

Anywhooooo I hope everyone has a great week!

April 07, 2009


I just finished reading my sistah friends blog and she had quite a scare!!! I am so happy everything turned out alright because she is an awesome individual who has a lot to share with everyone. As she stated GOD is so good to each of us, his blessings come in big and small packages, for Essensevibez it is good health, for my sister it is a new HEART! Yep you read right I said a new HEART! My sister is on the waitlist for a heart transplant and she received notice yesterday that there is a donor who matches her. I want to thank the family of the person who will donate the heart because their loss is our gain. My sister is an awesome individual who has been through alot and deserves this second chance at life. I LOVE YOU BIG SIS!!!

Remember: May God bring you health and healing. May He heal you and reveal to you an abundance of peace and truth. (Jer 33:6, NASB)