May 13, 2012

My mother died almost 40 years ago, so Mother's Day doesn't exactly make me warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me sad, and a little cranky. To me, it's a big, showy, cards-and-flowers, home appliance sale kind of day.  It really pisses me off when I hear and see people disrespecting their moms.  I never had the opportunity to share things with my mom, I only have about 6 pictures of her and my few memories.   Even after so many years I still have a big hole i my heart.  BUT...I am truly blessed, as I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children and grandchildren and great friends and family, and the best damn mother-in law  (Charlene James) in the world.  I wrote this because there are many like me who aren't feeling the hype, and it's really just another day!!!!!

May 05, 2012


borrowed from: Pam

listening to:  Najee

eating:  Blackberries, hummus, wheat thins flat bread crackers and 

drinking: sprite

wearing:  jeans,  orange polo and flip flops

feeling:  blah........

weather:  77 and overcast 

wanting: some Rita's Italian Ice

needing: to work on a project for work

enjoying: company with Pam and Michelle

wondering: will i ever get back into scrapbooking---where is my mojo?  Even shopping for scrap booking supplies does not help!!!

so what is your day like?