January 12, 2010


Ok here is a little funny tidbit about my life.  Last night I was teaching a 5 hour class and those darn hot flashes kept interrupting me..so i just started fanning and more fanning and more fanning and they went away....For a little while...Then another one came back and It was so bad that sweat was pouring down my face and this young guy sitting in front of the class leaned over and said "mam are you ok? Do you need to take a break? I just laughed and said oh no I'm fine but we will take a break..at this point all the ladies in the class who understood what i was going through were laughing with me (not at me) and said they understand and were wondering how long I would last before I needed to run for some cold air!!  When I came back the ladies told me the broke down the situation for the brother and he now understood the real facts of life!!


Patsy B. said...

Sheila, that is so funny! What class do you teach? And, that's really cool how you post the coupons on your blog!

. said...

Thanks Patsy

Sent you an email!