June 09, 2010

My first tutorial

Hello Scrapping and Stamping Friends

Today is my turn to do a tutorial for the Bugaboo Challenge Blog. I chose to share a Ribbon Flower Technique that I found while trolling around on You Tube one day, I love flowers and making them is so much fun ,so I am loving this!! 

Here's what you will need;
a 12 inch strip of ribbon, glue dots and a needle with embroidery floss.

the first thing you need to do is start weaving your needle through the ribbon back and forth, as shown

keep sewing all the way to the end of the ribbon strip

when you have finished sewing all the way to the end you start pulling on the embroidery floss from both ends

pull and pull until the embroidery floss is very tight, then tie a knot

next turn the edges down towards the back and glue them together with a couple of glue dots

cut the strings off, then flatten the flower out a bit. add a button or brad

and here are a few of my finished ribbon flowers!!


sgc said...

Sheila--this is cute! I love ribbon flowers, so you can bet that I will be CASEing this one! Great tutorial.


Shirl said...

This is such a wonderful tutorial!!! Who would have thought that making a ribbon flower can be soo simple! I'm definitely trying this in my next project :) Thank you!

Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Soo easy.

Min @ Kaymin Kreations said...

Great tutorial Sheila - I love these flowers!!
Hugs & Happy Days!

Jodie Mackrell said...

VERY cool tutorial Sheila, thank you!

faithnme said...

just came across ur blog.. and I joined.. great totuorial thaks for sharing

Sharette (faithnme)

Tammy Miller said...

Great Job Sheila, you did awesome!

Rae Anne said...

OMG. . .This is so freakin' cool Sheila!!! What an absolutely fantastic tutorial. . .:D MWAH!

LIVE - LAUGH - LOVE said...

THANKS EVERYONE for the great feedback!!!!