November 06, 2010

I'm Back

Hello Blogging world......I have been away for awhile, it seems after my birthday things just got very crazy (still are sort of) and I had been having a hard time trying to rejuvinate my creative juices.  Well I was blog surfing and I remembered I had joind SCRAPS OF COLOR, well I started trolling through the site and I found a group called Bloggers Block Challenge.  This weeks blog prompt is
"Tell us about  your favorite book or magazine ".    

This is an easy one for me to share......I have become the recent owner of a NOOK
I love this little gadget........You can download  books wirelessly in seconds , it reads like paper with crisp, clear text .  It has extra-long battery life and you can read for days, and it has a feature called LendMe™ that lets you share reading with friends. Go to BARNES and NOBLE play around with one, I'm sure you will love it.      

Well thats all for now, I will post some projects I have worked on for you to look at a little later.

REMEMBER............... LIVE LAUGH LOVE                                                                                                                                   


faithnme said...

Hi Shelia... So glad your back wit us..


~EssenseVibez~ said...

I'm getting one for my daughter for Christmas--don't know if it'll make it to her house though--LOL