December 23, 2010

Blog Challenge # 9

Hey Friends , Are you done with your holiday shopping? Well I am and I and sooo happy about it!

Well the holidays are always a time for food, fun,  friends, family, and reminiscing.  Over at Scraps of Color, the Blog challenge for this week is : 

My favorite toy as a child was__________________.

Well I had quite a few favorites, but the best 2 were my Barbie Country Camper


and my Barbie Friendship Plane

I had so many hours of fun with these two toys....I could dream and travel by air or by land!  My imagination could take me anywhere!  So what was your favorite toy as a child?  Don't be shy, join in on the fun and share your memories with your blog family too.


She's Crafty! said...

Oh what wonderful memories.. i had that camper for my daughter.. she loved it. Thanks for sharing and helping me remember times gone by.
Merry Christmas.

D'NiCole said...

i didn't even know Barbie had a plane, must have been too busy with my Jem doll lol! Thanks for joining in on the fun memories