June 17, 2010

It's a wrap

Today was a very emotional day for me.  Why you ask....Well because my BABY graduated from High School.  It was emotional because he struggled all through high school and was told by a few that he would not make it.  BUT  My GOD is GOOD and by his grace my son is a High School graduate and will enter into college in the fall.

I cried all day; before the ceremony, during the ceremony, after the ceremony and I'm still crying.  But this cry feels so good!  I'm so proud of him, but most importantly he is proud of himself!!!

I will add the official pictures later!
Oh yea he is also the youngest of four and the last one in the house... so I told my hubby let the games begin LOL!!!!


~EssenseVibez~ said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!--anothe accomplished milestone--and yes gurl, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!

Rae Anne said...

Oh Sheila, my heartiest congratulations to the both of you on a job well done!!! I'm so happy for!!! :D MWAH!

Tammy Miller said...

Sheila you should be proud and I am sure your son is so happy and feels so lucky to have a mother like you who stood by him and helped him!!! Kudos to you both!!!

Michelle said...

YEAH! I know the struggle and he is proud of himself, He Did It yeah!!!!