June 22, 2010


New \New\ (n[=u]), adjective

1. Having existed, or having been made, but a short time; having originated or occured lately; having recently come into existence, or into one's possession; not early or long in being; of late origin; recent; fresh; modern; -- opposed to {old}, as, a new coat; a new house; a new book; a new fashion.

Today is Tuesday and it's NEW release day at BUGABOO STAMPS.   Dont forget to stop by the Catch the bug challenge blog to see what the DT created with the NEW image!!
Here's mine

Isn't he cute ??????


Rae Anne said...

I remember saying that Sheila. . .;) Although, you should of used the Eddie Murphy skit as yoru inspiration. . .You wanna lick? Psych. . .;) Love the big, bright circles! :D MWAH!

Jasmine Wilmany said...

Love it! :)

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

I wish I had time to do stuff like that. CUTE!

Hippieaud (aka Audrey) said...

SUPER CUTE Sheila! LOVE the colors you chose:)