February 16, 2010

SNow Days ROCK!!!

I get to stay home today!!  Lots of snow.....I am Happy  Happy Happy!  What will I do today?  Lets see nothing, scrapping, nothing, scrapping...you get the picture.                         

NoW   Yesterday.... I did the DO!!  I had my Yearly Pancake screen ..you know the one where they take certain body parts and squish them like a pancake in the funny looking machine  

I wanna give a  shout out to G (who is a SURVIVOR)  please make sure you tell yo Momma i'm handling my Bizness. 

Now for my Infomercial....All my friends in blogger land Make sure you get your yearly Mammogram  I did!!


TJ said...

Good job on taking care of the "GIRLS"!! :)

Enjoy your snow day. I think it's suppose to hit 70 here today!! :) YIPPEEEE :)

. said...

WOw Thanks TJ Lucky YOU!! I cant wait till thing warm up around here